Ensight is the one complete visualization solution for Your structural analysis problems, including thermal, vibration, acoustic, and mechanical. Our product is a complete post-processing and visualization product for CFD, FEA, FSI and engineering data. Some of the programs it can read and visualize are: ABAQUS, LS-DYNA, ANSYS CFX, ANSYS FLUENT, ADAMS, etc. It can also import CAD archives like Catia, Solidworks, NX, etc.

Read all of your CAE and CFD data including FEA results, particles and SPH meshless methods, and fluid models used in aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, airbag inflation, hydroplaning, sloshing, ditching and other FSI simulations.

There are different versions. The one called EnSight Gold lets You load Your model in a VR environment, and also allows You to collaborate with colleagues without leaving Your desk. With support for parallel post-processing and parallel graphics rendering, EnSight Gold is the leader in handling the largest models in the world.  And if You have a visualization cluster then EnSight DR can leverage that valuable resource.

With the largest set of features of any visualization/post-processing tool in existence, EnSight lets You see what You've been unable to display and document in the past. An icon-based user interface allows You to learn the program quickly and to move easily into layers of increased functionality.  Plus, EnSight works on all major computing platforms and supports interfaces to most major CAE programs and data formats.

Its animation and renderization capacities, added to its numerous results visualization options makes postprocessing more eye-catching, spectacular and effective. It can also be used as a design ading tool,  because of its virtual reality, stereographic representation, parallel  or distributed running characteristics.

If You want to share Your results with other colleagues, clients or providers,  Ensight includes the Enlighten and EnVideo. EnSight is available in versions running from laptops to supercomputers.  There is a suitable version for everyone.

We provide You technical support, if You have any question contact us at: soporte-tecnico@analisis-dsc.com.

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