ANALISIS-DSC does fire and smoke simulations


The Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD is a software tool, to simulate the behaviour of the fluid-flows, heat transfer, chemical reaction and other related physical phenomena. The CFD solves the equations of the fluid flow in the region or domain of interest, with specified conditions in the boundaries of the domain. It gives You a solution to Your thermal, chemical, fluid dynamic problems.

The most common method to solve the equations is: the finite volumes method. The region or domain of interest is divided in small subregions called control volumes. The equations are discretized and solved iterativelly, for each control volume. This way, values are obtained for each one of the domain variables and it comes to define an optimal solution.

CFD is widely used by engineers and scientists for a wide range of applications. We should emphasize, that to obtain accurate results it is very important to start with a high quality mesh, as a previous step. We should also stress as the main aspects for the development of our services: the wide experience of our technical department and the high capacity of calculus of our equipments. Some examples of the applications are:

  • Process industry: mixers, chemical reactors, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, scrubbers, fermenters.
  • Civil engineer and construction: ventilation, climatization and fire safety plans.
  • Safety: fires, smoke dispersion, toxic escapes.
  • Motor and aeronautics industry: radiators, oil decanters, combustion, aerodynamics.
  • Electronics: heat transfer in circuit board.
  • Enviroment: renewable energies, pollutants dispersion, water treatment.
  • Energy: combustion, nuclear plant termohidraulic analysis.
  • Renewable energy: solar thermal, eolic energy, tidal energy.
  • Agriculture: ventilation systems and structural analysis for greenhouses.
  • Naval: ship hidrodynamics studies, fires, ventilation, air conditioning.
  • Hydraulics: turbomachinery and pipes, erosion, working limit analysis.
  • Medicine: circulatory and respiratory system,  inhalers.
  • Ventilation and Climatization: evaporators, condensers, rotational difussors, nebulizator.
  • Chemistry and pharmacy: agitators, fermenters, bubble columns, reactors, carbonators.

examples of the fluid mechanics engineering services offered by ANALISIS-DSC