ANALISIS-DSC develops discrete elements modelization (DEM) projects, with the proposal to help You in the design of machines, which interacts with bundle products. This technology makes possible to simulate, analyze and visualize the flow of particles to give solution to mechanic particles problems in the industry, for example: losses, deformations, holdups, jams, etc. It provides You a very detailed information, including the particle kinetics, moment and mass/heat transfer.

DEM method presents as main advantage a bigger approximation to the reality in the flow of particles field, these studies can be coupled with fluid mechanics (CFD), thermal or structural (FEM) studies.

The applications are very different we can stress the ones for the mining, pharmacy, agriculture, chemical, material processing and construction industries. EDEM is used for the design, development and processes/products tests faster and much more accurate, diminishing development periods and the time to market  of products. Some applications we can list are:

  • Diggers.
  • Silos and hoppers.
  • Rock milling.
  • Particle separation.
  • Particle counting.
  • Particle surface treatment.
  • Transport bands.
  • Stirred ball mill .
  • Fluidized beds.
  • Particle filtering.

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